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Ready for Ebola: Emergency and Nursing Departments Work Internally and Externally to Ensure EHMC is Prepared

Dr. Barbara Schreibman Discusses Steps EHMC Has Taken to Handle the Virus

 29 October 2014

  While hospitals in Dallas, Atlanta, Omaha and now, most recently, New York have treated Ebola patients in recent weeks, hospitals around the country are on alert and preparing for potential cases of their own.
 As the tri-state area’s first Ebola patient is receiving treatment at New York’s Bellevue Hospital Center, EMHC has been working diligently to prepare staff for its own case, should he/she arrive. If a symptomatic patient who has previously travelled to West Africa arrives at the Emergency Room door, Dr. Barbara Schreibman, Acting Chief of the Emergency Department and Medical Director of Emergency Medical Services, says the hospital is ready.

Taking the First Step: Advanced Radiotherapy System Part of the New Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center

 22 August 2014

  Excitement continues to surround the new Radiation Oncology department that was launched in late July. In just a few weeks, the department is seeing a 700% increase in patient visits. During the first week of operation, seven new patients were seen; the very first patient seen the day the department officially re-opened on July 28th. This week, over 50 patients are scheduled to be seen.

EHMC’s Virtual IBD Center: A Premier Center with a Promising Future

 13 August 2014

  In the three years since EHMC started its virtual IBD Center, it has become one of the premier IBD clinics in the tri-state area. Under the leadership of Dr. Kenneth Rubin, Director of the Englewood Hospital IBD Center and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, the Center takes a multi-team approach to treating and monitoring patients with IBD.

Trimodality Therapy For Rectal Cancer- The Standard Of Care

 9 April 2014

  Rectal cancer is a excellent example of a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. Based on several clinical trials, neoadjuvant chemotherapy with radiation has become standard of care for patients with stage II/III rectal cancer. MRI of the pelvis and EUS are both excellent pre-treatment staging tools and should be performed in all patients planning to undergo chemoradiation. Preoperative therapy doesnt increase the surgical complication risk. The excellent response rates to Chemo and XRT sometimes makes it challenging to convince the patients to undergo definitive surgery. At this present time, surgery after neoadjuvant therapy, still remains as standard of therapy, however there are small retrospective studies which show that those patients who have a complete clinical response to CRT might have a fairly low risk of recurrence. Some of those who recurred could be successfully salvaged by surgery at a later date. This is not validated in any prospective clinical trial, hence trimodality of therapy ie Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery remains the gold standard therapy for patients with resectable early stage rectal cancer.